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 Hunter apply

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PostSubject: Hunter apply   Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:41 am


Character name: Quelthorion
Class: Hunter
Race: NE
Level: 70

Previous Guilds: just transfeard to this server
Character /played time: 54days
HP unbuffed: 7.6k
Mana unbuffed: 4.8k
Prequests done: none
Spec (x/x/x): 46/12/3
Are you willing to respecc if required? yes
(We try to keep respeccing to a minimum but sometimes it is needed. No respeccing is really forced in our guild but flexibility helps.)
Tradeskills (professions): herb / enchnating ( picking it up today )

From Country: Sweden, but to be correct Skåne
Age: 21
Main reason for wanting to join Iris: make friends, relaxing times from studies, "happy place" Wink
Do you know someone already in Iris? Gregerh

Link to Allakhazam/etc profile (armory will do):

Experience as a player (WoW, other games): my old main is a Orc warrior tank, done Kara gruul Mag lurker/hydross and Void with him as MT

Anything else to add about yourself that can support the application: to be totaly honest with u from the start i shall say that i just dinged 70, but as gearing up and 5man is much funnier in a guild (a guild is about 50% of the game ), and Greg is telling me that u all are a soft group of ppl who are "in it for the fun" i thought i might give it a shot and hope for the best, for the comming week i will be prety much online ( first week in school ) after that i will have to split my time with homework and a social life.

Ps. Since i enjoy developing my char i can promise u some fast upgrades in gear, and u can ask Greg about my dedications to be a resource

/ Quelthorion aka Melwen
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter apply   Thu Aug 30, 2007 3:46 am

I can with easy vote yes for this fella'. I don't really know about his hunter-skills, but on the horde-server we have played on, he was by far the best tank - and I played with most on that server, in different guilds Smile

He is also very good at raid-leading, if we would need that sometimes.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter apply   Thu Aug 30, 2007 11:41 am

Then welcome to Iris Wink

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......____//_____?___\\__ ___
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter apply   

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Hunter apply
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