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PostSubject: apply   apply Icon_minitimeThu Aug 02, 2007 5:02 am

Personal info
Name: Randy
Age: 15 will be 16 in December 2007
Language:dutch & English

Race:Night Elf
Level: 70
Played:26 days (got another 25/27 days on my alt)
Specc: ATM feral (with sucky gear, because of farming) but im normal resto
my alt got alchemy and can make pots, and buy flask =P
Gear: ./w me ingame , i got + 1300 healing
Keys: Karazhan preQ done and for SSC and The Eye arent any key req anymore
Profession:skinning and 373 tailoring (gonna get 375)
Past Guilds: Reload, the new guild of ADM
Experience: got some kara and Magtheridon exp ( magtheridon not down but i know the drill)
Why i wanna join Iris: searching for a friendly and good raiding guild
My avarage playing time: like 2/5 hours and in the weekend mostly all day

Other Info
i got vent/TS and got a headset
Dedication: i can get some pots and flask i someteimes have some spare pots for every class 2 (if i got the herbs on my alt ill make them for other ppl)

if there is something that isnt clear or u wanna know something i didnt typ here in this apply /w me ingame
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