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PostSubject: application   application Icon_minitimeSun Jul 08, 2007 3:12 pm

Hi, talked to Poot today and want to apply here.
i only play Wow since a bit after TBC release but have many Mmorpg experience. played Kalonline a year and Guild Wars some more then a year. had 4 or 5 end game Char's in Guild wars and did many dungeon's and pvp. and since i saw the outcome from TBC, i tought to try it so here i am, hooked on WoW. i lvl'd pretty slow to lvl70 to learn everything about the game and from 1 till 70 is a long way. I'm not that long lvl70 so don't have best gear but gathering alot of stuff. my char have enhancement gear but collecting pre-kara resto gear so don't care that much for my dps gear.

Character name: Muevete

Class: Shammy

Race: Draenei offcourse :-)

Level: 70

Previous Guilds: Grand Crusader, Legacy of the Lowlands, i'm at the minute in Gods of Sin but that's only to play with some friends till i find a good guild to stay.

Character /played time: 23 day's, 15 hours and something

HP unbuffed: 7.5K

Mana unbuffed: 7K

Prequests done: prequest kara finished (didn't do others cauz i wanted to lvl till 70 for going kara)

Spec (x/x/x): enhancement atm, but willing to respec too resto.

Are you willing to respecc if required? yea :-)

(We try to keep respeccing to a minimum but sometimes it is needed. No respeccing is really forced in our guild but flexibility helps.)

Tradeskills (professions): mining and jewelcrafting

From Country: Belgium

Age: 24

Main reason for wanting to join Iris: i hear alot of good things from this guild so i make my apply cauz i search a good guild

Do you know someone already in Iris? Malfius there and talked to poot

Link to Allakhazam/etc profile (armory will do):

Experience as a player (WoW, other games): Did many instances to get 70, alot of experience from Guild Wars ( 4 or 5 end game chars) played alot of Kalonline in the old day's

Anything else to add about yourself that can support the application: i know my character is not perfect and need alot of improvement but working on it like hell atm and i'm a very dedicated player. play almost every day except weekends (then it's party time) i just look for a good guild to have fun and getting further

hope to hear something soon :-)
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PostSubject: Re: application   application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 8:28 am

imba guy Smile

freak first class :p

irl mate from me ... very dedicated person ...
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PostSubject: Re: application   application Icon_minitimeMon Jul 09, 2007 11:21 am

Okay, well Dlux also made a good application & you are friends so I would be happy to invite you together. I know you haven't played long but you seem to have good game experience and I hope you can develop more with us and we an help you get your pre-raid gear and of course join our raids when ready.
Our shaman classleader is currently on holiday so /w me ingame or any officer for an invite.

Welcome Smile
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PostSubject: Re: application   application Icon_minitime

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