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 Please read before applying!

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Please read before applying! Empty
PostSubject: Please read before applying!   Please read before applying! Icon_minitimeFri Jul 06, 2007 3:21 pm

Welcome to the Iris forum. We are a friendly international guild, and like all guilds we have expectancies of new members. If accepted, the new member will remain on trial period until a classleader or officer has decided the new member is a good addition to the guild.
The kind of people we are looking for are mature, active, know how to have fun and will share in our raiding success at the same time. The best quality of Iris is that it is built on a good group of solid friends and we only want people who can improve that, not hinder it. We are not a hardcore raid guild however we are extremely successful in the regular raiding we do take part in.
Considering this, here is our template. Please copy and paste it if you wish to apply to the guild (do not reply to this message).

Character name:

Previous Guilds:
Character /played time:
HP unbuffed:
Mana unbuffed:
Prequests done:
Spec (x/x/x):
Are you willing to respecc if required?
(We try to keep respeccing to a minimum but sometimes it is needed. No respeccing is really forced in our guild but flexibility helps.)
 Tradeskills (professions):

From Country:
Main reason for wanting to join Iris:
Do you know someone already in Iris?

Link to Allakhazam/etc profile (armory will do):
Experience as a player (WoW, other games):
Anything else to add about yourself that can support the application:

Thanks and good luck from Iris!
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Please read before applying!
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